BS - School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

Appraisal Institute - Completed all coursework for MAI designation

Course 1A1 - Real Estate Appraisal Principles
Course 1A2 - Basic Valuation Procedures
Course 1BA - Capitalization Theory and Techniques, Part A
Course 1BB - Capitalization Theory and Techniques, Part B
Course 2-1- Case Studies in Real Estate Valuation
Course 2-2 - Report Writing and Valuation Analysis
Course 2-3 - Standards of Professional Practice
Understanding Limited Appraisals & Appraisal Reporting Options: General
Litigation Skills for the Appraiser - An Overview
Reviewing Residential Appraisal Reports - 2006
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions - 2006 (Appraisal Institute)
Appraising Historic Preservation Easements - 2008 (Appraisal Institute)
Condemnation Appraising:  Principles and Applications - 2010 (Appraisal Institute)
International Financial Reporting Standards for Appraisers - 2012 (Appraisal Institute)

New York University, The Real Estate Institute

Annual attendance at lodging and gaming industry related conferences, seminars, lectures and trade shows.